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The International Sex Guide is a community for like minded pleasure connoisseurs to share information and their knowledge on a Map and Forum and a unique Adult Service Directory to guide fellow Mongers.
It is a completely unique community for like minded people to come together and share their experiences about travelling around the World, screwing.
What could be a more glorious activity? Enjoy yourselves!

Life is far too short to be spent paying interest to the usurers!

Like you, we are a community that loves merging our two primary interests in life, travelling and fucking  🙂
So we travel, and we fuck, and we fuck and travel, sometimes at the same time! We document our findings on the wondrous Sex Maps we have created for the benefit of all intrepid fleshy adventurers who seek to go where no man, woman or transgender person has ever gone before. To boldly venture hilt deep into the warmest most velvety vaginas the World has to offer.

Come and join us on our intrepid journeys, and you will surely never be disappointed 😉

We enjoy the lovely company of Escorts, prostitutes, whores, hookers, sex workers, streetwalkers, call them what you will! We know what they are! They are HUMAN BEINGS!
Glorious Human Beings, more often that not doing what they enjoy, sometimes forced into it, in such cases we seek to help free them from their tragic circumstances.

We are people who are not shy to admit our love of fleshy delights, we do not hide and shy away from this fact.
Yet we have a strong sense of integrity, and do what is Just and right, when we see injustice in our World.

We believe these lovely escorting ladies should be treated with respect, and that all interactions spring from the Magnificent Joy of Being, that sings within each of us.
And the act of Sex, is nothing but the ultimate physical expression of the Un-manifest Joy that sings deep in the heart of all Being...




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