Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sex-Maps.com all about?

Sex Maps is a site that helps facilitate the exchange of information between people who are looking to have sex with someone locally or when they travel overseas. Hookers, brothels, massage parlours, strip clubs, orgy parties, you name it, we cover it all.

The site is for use by straight men and women, as well as gay folk to find what they want.
Remember the old days? as a punter, you would have to trawl forums looking for information on a location you were planning to take a trip to?
Sex-Maps.com takes ALL that stress away! Instead, you simply look at our Sex map, zoom to the area your planning on visiting, and voila... the information is there pin pointed on the map for you. Our hardcore members all over the world have done the hard work, laying out their local knowledge for you on our Map.
There is NO OTHER SERVICE like this on the entire Interwebz!!!


What does the Map show?

The Map shows Adult service providers, venues and services around the World. From straight, male and female, as well as Gay Escorts to Adult Orgy Party events, Strip Clubs and more.


Can I submit my own local knowledge to the map?

Yes you can! Thats why we made Sex Maps! So that collectively we can build a Global map of sexual services and providers around the globe. Once registered, you can click the add a pin button, select the category & sub-category of service to be added, and provide the relevant information, hit submit. Once its reviewed, and if accepted, the new pin will then be displayed on the Sex Map.



 How to use the Sex Map?

Whats the difference between a free member and a Premium Member?

Free members have limited use of the Sex maps with access to the forums and Blog but cannot access any of the other treats that Sex-Maps.com offers.

Premium members, for a very modest fee, get FULL access to our Hookers and Chica pictures Gallery of hotties from around the world. As well as our totally unique and awesome and exclusive "Underground Videos" section, so called because these videos are so hard to find on the internet FILLED with real videos of Mongers fucking around the World!
We have done all the hard work for you, in bringing you these videos.


Sex-Maps.com is determined to stamp out Sexual Slavery, Trafficking and child sexual exploitation.

We believe this can only happen when the selling of sexual services is decriminalised globally and recognised as a right of the individual to be free to do what they wish with their own body. We strongly encourage users to report any potential cases of sexual slavery, trafficking and child sexual exploitation to the relevant authorities.