Justin Bieber caught Mongering in Brazil banging a Prostitute

Prostitute claimed sex with Justin Bieber

Prostitute claimed sex with Justin Bieber

South America made Justin wild and compelled to manifest the primal trait. A prostitute at Le Palace nightclub in Panama disclosed a ‘delicious’sexual encounter with the Biebs. The Sex-Maps.com ULTIMATE PROMOTIONAL DEAL!

Media cameras captured  Justin Bieber roaming around a well-known brothel in Brazil on Nov 1. He and his bodyguards were reportedly found at Le Palace, an adult nightclub in Panama. On the way back to the hotel after the party, Justin picked 10 prostitutes, thats right TEN, from the nightclub. One girl surprisingly disclosed that she slept with Justin Bieber and was paid over $500.

The lady of the night filmed Justin sleeping after some rumpy pumpy


Justin beiber escaping brothel

Alleged Prostitute claimed that sex with Justin Bieber was ‘Delicious’

The prostitute stated herself as Belieber and gave a shocking interview. She said that it was the closing time and Justin’s bodyguards entered the club all on a sudden.

“They took our bags and our cell phones. Justin came in running in a black hoodie and went in the bathroom,” she tells critica.com.

The girl claims that Justin chose 10 girls from the club to accompany him.

Justin and his entourage reportedly took those girls back to hotel for the next exciting part. The alleged prostitute says that she it was amazing feeling to give a celebrity the intimate company.

At hotel Justin took her in the room and started with kissing on the forehead and nose. The girl was then taken to bed to taste the moisture of the lower half of the body.

“I wanted to do everything with him. I did everything!” she claims with excitement. The erotic show continued for about one hour.

The prostitutes were out of hotel at around 5 am. The prostitute who hooked up with Justin was paid $500, report says.

What was the feeling of that sexual encounter?

“How many nights you get to sleep with a pop star?” she said. “It was amazing. He is just juicy, effusive. It makes me wish I were her girlfriend!” Regarding size of the special male organ she says it was “okay”.

HollywoodLife.com tried to get comment from Justin’s reps but it was a failed attempt.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Did Justin Bieber paid for prostitutes — Details Revealed

Reporters caught Justin mongering at a famous Brazilian brothel on Nov 1. He passed a destructive spell at his hotel room and went out to catch a couple of sexiest prostitutes of the area.

Justin used a black hoodie to hide himself while hooking up at Centaurus. He and his crews tried to catch eight most attractive prostitutes to share their bed with. Hookers also realized their sex-crave and claimed $1,200 each. The Justin et al finally picked two, as report says.

However, Justin could not hide from eagle eyed cameras at all. He was caught heading out to hotel followed by two women shortly.

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This is common, he’s just a human craving for sex.

Comment by Oldluv November 12, 2013 at 11:14 am

Its absolutely delicious when the price is right.

Comment by Punismasha November 14, 2013 at 12:24 pm

Justin is a certified chixmagnet.

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